Foosball Tables Reviews

The foosball table, once only found in bars and recreation centers, is a famous game table for the home. Foosball, often called table football (soccer), consists of small foosmen attached to eight long rods that are used to move a ball to a goal at the opposite end of the table. The small foosmen are in the form of soccer players who are looking for openings to kick the ball to the goal line.

Foosball is designed for 2 to 4 players. Two players must play both defense and offense while four players play as teams of two.

Table football is a favorite game table in most households. The game is easy to play and is enjoyed by kids and adults. Tables come in several sizes, include tabletop games. Since there are such a variety of sizes and styles, you might want to ask yourself the following questions.

Question #1 – Is the table heavy enough for adults? People tend to get very serious when playing foosball so adults need a massive table that can take the rough play.


Question #2 – Are the legs adjustable? Adjustable legs are essential so that the table can be leveled on uneven surfaces. A flat, level playing area makes all the difference in the quality of the game.


Question #3 – Is there a fundamental scoring system using traditional beads? Modern football tables may come equipped with electronic scoring systems that can break down. The conventional table uses beads to keep score that lasts the life of the table and are uncomplicated to use.

Question #4 – Are the rods and foosmen made of quality materials? These parts take the most wear and tear. Footmen are made of plastic, metal, wood or carbon-fiber. The foosmen of mid-priced tables are usually durable. Make sure that the grips of the rods don’t slip off easily and are pliable when gripped.


Question #5 – What is the best surface playing? A thick playing surface that is well laminated keeps the table looking new and keeps it flat.


Question #6 – Do you have enough room? If you want a dedicated football table, you will need to have at least 3.5 feet or more of clearance on both sides of the table. If you don’t have room to keep a table stationary at all times, a tabletop style may be the answer since it can be set up and taken down for storage.


Some tables contain not only foosball but other table games as well. Other games included in multi-game tables are table tennis, air hockey, stick hockey and others.

Some of the best foosball table brands that get the best foosball table reviews include the Halex Foosball Table, Dynamo foosball table, Highland Games, Easton, Wilson, Carrom Burr Oak, Deutscher Meister, Rene Pierre, Bonzini, Fat Cat and others. An outdoor foosball table is great to have even though you’ll need a cover and it’s a little cheap compared to a vintage table or a professional one, if you intend to buy one you may as well get something high quality!

As you consider buying a foosball table for your rec room at home, ask yourself these six questions before deciding which table is best for your family. If you have other questions that are not included in this article, add them because they are probably excellent questions to help you choose the right football table for you.