Foosball Tables Reviews

The foosball table, once only found in bars and recreation centers, is a famous game table for the home. Foosball, often called table football (soccer), consists of small foosmen attached to eight long rods that are used to move a ball to a goal at the opposite end of the table. The small foosmen are in the form of soccer players who are looking for openings to kick the ball to the goal line.

Foosball is designed for 2 to 4 players. Two players must play both defense and offense while four players play as teams of two.

Table football is a favorite game table in most households. The game is easy to play and is enjoyed by kids and adults. Tables come in several sizes, include tabletop games. Since there are such a variety of sizes and styles, you might want to ask yourself the following questions.

Question #1 – Is the table heavy enough for adults? People tend to get very serious when playing foosball so adults need a massive table that can take the rough play.


Question #2 – Are the legs adjustable? Adjustable legs are essential so that the table can be leveled on uneven surfaces. A flat, level playing area makes all the difference in the quality of the game.


Question #3 – Is there a fundamental scoring system using traditional beads? Modern football tables may come equipped with electronic scoring systems that can break down. The conventional table uses beads to keep score that lasts the life of the table and are uncomplicated to use.

Question #4 – Are the rods and foosmen made of quality materials? These parts take the most wear and tear. Footmen are made of plastic, metal, wood or carbon-fiber. The foosmen of mid-priced tables are usually durable. Make sure that the grips of the rods don’t slip off easily and are pliable when gripped.


Question #5 – What is the best surface playing? A thick playing surface that is well laminated keeps the table looking new and keeps it flat.


Question #6 – Do you have enough room? If you want a dedicated football table, you will need to have at least 3.5 feet or more of clearance on both sides of the table. If you don’t have room to keep a table stationary at all times, a tabletop style may be the answer since it can be set up and taken down for storage.


Some tables contain not only foosball but other table games as well. Other games included in multi-game tables are table tennis, air hockey, stick hockey and others.

Some of the best foosball table brands that get the best foosball table reviews include the Halex Foosball Table, Dynamo foosball table, Highland Games, Easton, Wilson, Carrom Burr Oak, Deutscher Meister, Rene Pierre, Bonzini, Fat Cat and others. An outdoor foosball table is great to have even though you’ll need a cover and it’s a little cheap compared to a vintage table or a professional one, if you intend to buy one you may as well get something high quality!

As you consider buying a foosball table for your rec room at home, ask yourself these six questions before deciding which table is best for your family. If you have other questions that are not included in this article, add them because they are probably excellent questions to help you choose the right football table for you.

Pole Dancing Tips for Beginners

Before you embark on your journey into the pole dancing world, you have to physically and mentally prepare yourself for the challenges about to come. As part of your preparation, take these tips to heart as these will guide you to become better at the craft.

More about pole dancing here.


1) Prepare for injuries

Getting bruises and muscle aches are inevitable especially during the first few weeks on the dance pole. These are commonplace among beginners who are yet to build the needed muscles and callouses for pole dancing routines.


2) Have patience

Same with any activity, there will be times you’ll bump into difficult moves you won’t be able to properly do during the first few tries. This is perfectly normal. You just have to keep trying and keep on practicing until you perfect it.


3) Using grip aids is not cheating

Some pole dancers think using grip aids or itack’ gloves are tantamount to cheating because these items enhance your grip on the pole. This is not necessarily true.

It usually is hard for beginners to maintain their grip on the pole because they lack the right techniques and they still have underdeveloped grip muscles. Some people, even professionals, suffer from sweaty hands which make it extremely difficult for them to maintain grip. At the end of the day, your capabilities on the dance pole will rely on your skills, techniques, and mastery of the moves.

Avoid becoming too dependent, though, on grip aids and continue to improve your grip through rigorous training.


4) Seek professional advice

Although itŐs possible to learn pole dancing at home through instructional videos and online classes, there’s no better way to jump into the basics than with the personal guidance from a professional instructor. From time to time, you’ll find moves that are difficult to do. Personal coaches can give you tips on how to effectively tackle problematic dance moves and may even personally demonstrate it to you for faster comprehension.


5) Increase skin contact with the pole

Aside from its erotic effect, dancing in skimpy clothing allows more of your skin to come in contact with the dance pole. This allows you to increase grip and friction on the pole by exposing the back of your knees, your armpits, and your legs.

Some manufacturers sell gloves and clothes that hamper your freedom to move on the pole for the sake of protecting your skin from bruises. As we’ve discussed, it’s normal to get pole burns and similar skin damages during the first few times you’re on the pole. This is part of the training which you should endure if you want to get better.

6) Avoid putting on moisturisers and other unapproved products

Avoid putting on moisturisers or any form of chemical on your skin before performing on the pole. These products will reduce your grip on the pole and may even cause you to slip from your hold, leading to injuries. Some products may even damage the pole’s finish, chipping away its effectiveness.

Use only recommended products like grip aids and specialised pole cleaners.


7) Learn it with someone

Learning new things with a friend can help boost confidence and increase your motivation to continue improving your pole dancing skills. Having a friend with similar interests in pole dancing gives you someone whom you can share your experiences and hardships with.


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Best Tennis Shoes Review

The Gel-Resolution 2 has a Solyte mild cushion. This material is lighter than ASICS’ standard EVA and SpEVA, giving improved cushioning and durability. A GEL cushioning system is also incorporated to the midsole to absorb and disperse shock during impact phase.

Playing tennis can be next to impossible if you have a bad knee. The continuous running and impact on your joints may aggravate a tennis player’s condition and prevent him from playing. Tennis shoes should have adequate protection, comfort and performance features for the avid tennis player. In our search for the best tennis shoes in the market, we came across a fully loaded performance tennis shoe; the ASICS Men’s GEL-Resolution 2 Tennis Shoe.

Let us take a look at the features of the ASICS Men’s GEL-Resolution 2 Tennis Shoe:

  • Synthetic and mesh
  • Rubber sole
  • Impact Guidance System
  • Solyte midsole
  • GEL Cushioning System
  • Biomorphic fit upper
  • ComforDry sock liner
  • PHF (Personal Heel Fit) features
  • PGuard toe protector

The ASICS Men’s GEL-Resolution 2 has an upper that is made of light, durable and breathable synthetic and mesh material. It has a rubber sole that makes it lightweight and waterproof and gives it a firm grip. Its biomorphic upper fit provides a superior fit and function to the shoe. It also has a technologically advanced Impact Guidance System that enhances the foot’s natural gait from heel strike to toe-off.

The Gel-Resolution 2 has a Solyte mild cushion. This material is lighter than ASICS standard EVA and SpEVA, giving improved cushioning and durability. A GEL cushioning system is also incorporated to the midsole to absorb and disperse shock during impact phase. The ComforDry sock liner provides additional cushioning performance and a cooler, drier, healthier environment for your feet.

This tennis shoe has, even more, performance features. The Personal Heel Fit is a memory foam lined heel collar that hugs the athlete’s heel, giving a personalized, comfortable fit. The PGuard is the toe protector that enhances toe durability for serves.

ASICS stands for the Latin term, Anima Sana In Corpore Sano,” which means “A Sound Mind In A Sound Body.” The company believes that to create a happy and healthy lifestyle is to promote total health and fitness. ASICS offers a full line of high-performance athletic shoes, sports apparel, and accessories that bring harmony to the body and soul.

The ASICS Men’s GEL-Resolution 2 Tennis Shoe has received rave reviews from consumers and has garnered a perfect 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Below is what some of them had to say about ASICS Men’s GEL-Resolution 2:


I had a bad knee but did not want to stop playing tennis. I researched all kinds of tennis sneakers and decided on the gel two revolutions. It has been a good experience. I play on cement courts, but the gel provides enough cushioning that my knee is not sore after I play three sets. In fact, my knee is now starting to heal. I am very pleased with this shoe. The next time I will buy it in my exact size which is a wide width. – Judah BenAvram

This is the best tennis shoe I have ever worn, and I have been playing tennis since 1957. It is light, attractive and heavily cushioned, which is great news for those of us with bad knees. The colors are vibrant and attract attention from just about everyone. The price ten bucks under regular retail at other online stores were also attractive. I’ll probably buy another pair shortly. – R. Wiley Xisbum

The Asics Gel Resolution 2 combines lightweight running shoe technology with traditional tennis lateral support for the tennis player’s unique footwork. This is truly a tennis shoe that is loaded with performance features! For tennis players who demand the best, the ASICS Men’s GEL-Resolution 2 Tennis Shoe is the best tennis shoe for them.

Available Colors:

  • White
  • Rain Grey
  • Sun Orange

How to choose the right Tennis Racquet

Whether you’re an amateur tennis player or a professional looking to make inroads in his career, a new racquet can make a worthy improvement to your game. The only equipment in this game which will make contact with the ball, a racquet tells a lot about the skill level of his owner.

The best tennis racquets should be good enough to hit the ball in a forceful manner. They should also be pretty lightweight and easy to grasp for the comfortability of his owner. So a person should always look for the above-said qualities when it comes to purchasing the most premium of products. However, as they say, it’s easier said than done.

Nowadays, manufacturers come up with their new version of racquets after every regular duration of time. However, varying from one developer to the other, all racquets aren’t created equal. And even if two racquets looks similar from the outside, they cannot serve needs of two different players for that purpose.

So for a customer, it is recommended that he should do a bit of research before purchasing one for himself. Because unlike most of the other purchases, any mistake and this one have all the ingredients to turn out to be a costly mistake.

Buying Guide – How to choose Best Tennis Racquets


  • Length-At the moment, the maximum length which a person could have in is 29 inches in terms of the tennis racquet. Accordingly, most of the racquets which are available in today’s market vary in length from the minimum of 27 inches to the maximum of 29 inches. When rackets, which are shorter in length are easy to move, the longer ones can hit the shot with much power. So when both of them have their pros and cons, it all comes down to the skill level of the shopper.For newcomers, it is viable to go with a 27’’ racquet. When the professional players can even play with the longer ones, it is imperative for the beginners to select shorter racquets for their own sake. A racquet incorporating such a length allows its user to enjoy the maximum maneuverability while hitting the ball. In this way, users can play the shot close to their body with much effectiveness. So even though it won’t be much a problem for experienced athlete, shot close to the body are generally difficult to play for the newbies.
  • Head Size-The racquets with the large head sizes are important for newcomers in two ways. Firstly, it will allow a larger margin of error as compared to the shorter ones. Because when it is nearly impossible for a newbie to hit every shot from the center of the racquet, a greater surface area – thanks to the large head – will help him to overcome his handicap. Secondly, when such kind of racquet can generate a considerable amount of force by itself, it will make the most of a limited swing intensity of an amateur tennis player.Coming towards the professionals, they should always go for the smaller head sizes. Since they already have the best technique to hit a proper shot, such kind of construction will help them to control their game. And as the surface area decreases, it becomes easier to maneuver the racquet for the upcoming shot.
  • Grip SizeOften an overlooked element in the acquisition of tennis racquets, grip size does matter in this particular purchase. When a smaller grip will cause an unwanted burden on your hands, a larger one can ruin your chances of winning on the tennis court.
  • The grip size varies from person to person, as it is the distance between the middle of your palm to the top of the middle finger. Most of the adults have the grip size somewhere in between 4 – 4.65 inches. So if you are in two minds about your intended size, go for the above-said value and it will be more than feasible.Remember, it is better to select a smaller grip than to go with the larger one. Because when the former can be increased with the help of a tape, there is no such cure for the latter one.
  • Material of Construction-For the beginners, Graphite is the most famous material of construction. Having an insubstantial weight, users can play with such racquets without feeling much fatigue. Graphite-made racquets are also quite forgiving in nature as a racquet made of such a MOC is powerful enough to hit the ball in a powerful manner.Another decent option – for the newbies – lies in Aluminum. Even though this material is a bit on the heavier end, the fact that rackets made of such a material are the cheapest makes it a viable option for customers on a budget.Moving towards the higher-end options, most of the manufacturers makes use of Boron, Carbon Fiber, Kevlar or other such materials when it comes to the professional racquets. Extremely lightweight, these racquets are much rigid than their Graphite counterparts. But if you want to purchase a racquet made of Carbon Fiber, be ready to spend big bucks.

Types of Racquets

  • Power Racquets-The best tennis racquet for beginners, Power Racquets are exclusively designed for players with limited skill-set. Having a larger head, it allows a larger margin of error to make up for the ill-timed shot. Their weight is also on the lower side which allows the less powerful shots to travel the distance. So for the beginners, who doesn’t have the muscles to hit a robust shot, this construction will help them to get the better of their opponents without exerting too much force on their body muscles.
  • Control Racquets-The Control Racquets are designed for the experts of this sport. Incorporating a rather smaller head, these are much heavier in weight as compared to their Power counterparts. This construction will also impart much more stability to the resulting shot as the racquet won’t twist at the moment of impact. So if you’re a professional tennis player, this is the product for you.

So whether you’re an inexperienced player or the one who has spent years playing on the tennis court, the aforementioned guide is great virtue in terms of the acquisition of the best tennis racquet.